Meet Victoria 
Creating my first company Encore Facilities Management, LLC., in 1997 which started as a Mom & Pop business from my two-bedroom apartment quickly turned into a million dollar business within 9 months, but it required a lot. It empowered my but I mean I worked weekends & 16 hour days. I made outstanding money, but I realized I did not have a life.     
I was so tired of dealing with employees, and always working weekends and extremely long hours.
I wanted more freedom and the ability to work from anywhere in the world and not just from my office or home, but I also wanted to make great money also.  With my traditional business I had the money but WITHOUT the freedom. 
I just didn't know how to have both...UNTIL...
NOW... I have the joy of more freedom and still have a profitable business. Creating an on-line business has given me both.
I now know what it takes to create & launch a profitable on-line business and now I show others how to create the same success which can  be duplicate again and again. It allows me to have more freedom, time, money and a great lifestyle where I can work from anywhere.
Victoria takes her clients through a series of transformations to discover where they currently are with their businesses.  She then establishes what is required to build a successful on-line business that transforms lives and communities through her leadership and coaching programs.
Victoria's success has allowed her to travel internationally and transform lives through her Signature Million-Dollar Entrepreneur Program, where she has reached out to clients in Tokyo, Sydney and London.



Victoria With Vicki Irvin & Steadman Graham