Think About Your Thinking

February 28, 2017







Changing your belief, which means that is not just an idea that you possess, but the almost ends up possessing you. The way you think has a big impact on the type of organization you will have.  Think small and your organization will remain as small as your thinking.


A belief holds great power, and has a burning inside of your gut, that makes whatever your beliefs are worth obtaining.  The first step towards success is expecting to succeed.  Motivation is a great starting point, but it does not format itself into action.  You must still think beyond the mere words, and start a course of planning, and implementing action to go from one place to another.  That requires different types of thinking, realistic thinking, shared thinking etc.


Try to think of some great places to think, and make sure to think internationally.  I like to set aside 30 minutes a day to reflect on my day, see what I learned, who I met, and what I think I could have done better.  If I can think of something that I can do better the next day, I will always have a goal that I look forward to meeting.  Make sure that the number one thing you always look forward to is learning.  

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