What Makes A Great Leader!!!

March 1, 2017


My vision of success included starting an organization, having a clothing boutique and starting a non-profit.  I did not think of the teamwork that would be required to pull this off.  I was not prepared for how unequipped I was to lead.  I thought if I had the passion, purpose and the desire, that would be enough.


To my surprise it was not, I had no idea how to get people to work together, as a team, I did not understand how important it was to have the ability to hire the right team, what qualities they needed to progress, how to keep them motivated, how to build relationships on respect for the person and not just the position.  


In the beginning I think most people assume that a position or a title will make you a great leader.  But you would be wrong in assuming that is all that's required.  A great leader is one that can lead others to greatness.  One that is equipped to identify the strengths in their team and ensure that they 80 percent of the time within their strengths and assist them in their areas of weakness.


If you cannot lead well, you will not reach you most highest potential within your organization, company or non-profit.  Why?  Because I have found that everything rises and falls on leadership.  People will listen to you if you are their supervisor, but that does not mean they will respect or trust you unless they have a relationship with you built on that.


I have been coaching and teaching women entrepreneurs for over 17+ years, and I have learned through trial and error that leadership is a process and not a position.  It requires you to show up and be present, leadership and management are sometimes used as if they were one in the same.  But they are quite different, I feel management is just maintaining at the same level.  


Leadership requires maturity, vision, communication, integrity, problem-solving, and a whole lot more. It requires you to dig deep down and to lead others to their best level.  That is what makes a truly great leader.

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