How To Build A Client List...

March 7, 2017










I receive a lot of request on how to build a great client list.  As we all know that building a client list is not new.  But what has changed a great deal is how to build a client list. I always recommend having a system in place for every aspect of your business.  Your goal is place your list building on autopilot.


Having a great email campaign is one way to have clients at your fingertips and with hitting submit, you can send information to your clients and anytime from anywhere.  So building a client list is one of your businesses largest assets.  For me, I treat my business list like a business all on its own.  I look at it like a entity, and my baby.  


 But one problem is that EVERYONE can reach people with a simple click click of a button.  The market has become saturated, the pond has become over fished.  More and more our challenge as business owners is leveraging virtual communication in a smart way that brings in new business, builds trust, and quality relationships.


Work your list building like a system, and not in pieces and it best to grow your list using a combination of strategies that promote periodic burst AND steady growth.  Don't allow shortcuts or "magic pill", or a quick trends to take the place of a well thought out system.


I built my list on several streams like podcast, videos, blogs, call-to-action messages on my website, organic search listings, and a few others.  So make sure to look for ways to build your list that are in a combination and not just one thing over another. 




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