Leadership What it is and Isn't!!!

March 8, 2017













I often feel leadership is misunderstood.  Until recently I thought being an entrepreneur, meant you were automatically a leader.  But, I have come to understand that being an entrepreneur means having the ability to spot great business opportunities, but it does not necessary mean you have the ability to lead.


Leadership requires several key components, and some have argued that great leaders are born, and its natural.  I feel that some people are born with natural gifts that make it easier to lead, but I feel we can all work at leading and master it if we are disciplined and we seek it each and every day.


A great leader has to have character which begins with the "Inner Game" stuff.  People follow you when they can sense your inner stuff. When clients ask me what it takes to build an 8-figure business, one of the first areas I discuss with them is self-esteem questions, that lets me know what they are made of.  How they think, what their habits are, and then I ask them to give me a description of a typical day.  


I ask those questions because it tells me a great deal about the person.  What a person does each and every day tells me where their true passion and purpose is.  Your thinking and daily habits will determine how much work I need to put into your "Inner Game" which will determine what the results of your "Outer Game".






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