Are You An Addition???

March 17, 2017

In business, have you internationally tried to add to a person's life? Many people get an opportunity to enjoy power and prestige when they are CEOs of corporations and sometime make large incomes, but how many times should you actually think about how as a business leader can add to someones life?


When you decided to become a successful entrepreneur, what were your motives?  If you are just getting started in business, have you stopped to think, what drives you?  Answering these questions may uncover your main reason for being in business, or why you decided to go into business to begin with.


I believe that a great leader in business should intentionally look at adding to her employees, and more than just with a great salary. Most of the companies that are ranked high in employee satisfaction, are companies that put the employees first, and add to their lives through, valuing, training, leading, sharing with them and making an effort to ensure they grow to their most highest potential.


Most people in business only think of adding value by means of salary, but when some employees were asked what was one of the most important issues with working for a company, one of the main answers-not feeling important to the company as a person, not feeling as they matter.


So, adding to your employees lives can show up in many ways, but always be intentional about how you go about your day as a business leader and add more to your employees lives other than just income, but add to their lives by truly valuing them and their opinions

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