March 20, 2017

Being successful is not an accident, you must be intentional to be successful. Success means different things to different people, so finding and defining it for yourself is something that should stretch you and also make it a point to define success on your own terms.  


I have defined success in terms of peace of mind.  Having peace in my life is something that I strife for daily, and making sure it's what I do intentionally each and every day.  I wanted to make sure that when I set out to define success for myself, that I did not seek to define it based on what the worlds definition maybe, outside material wealth. I wanted it be based on what allows me to feel successful, but inside.  I wanted to become success at controlling my emotions, which are within my control.  I know and understood that I may not be in the position to control my outside circumstances, my health, my family, my career or my business.  


But understanding what I value, what means the most to me and continuing to grow as a person, value others, and to learn from my experiences was important.    If you make it a point to not look at where you are but where you are seeking to go, that self-talk will make all the difference in your world.

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