March 17, 2017

Trying to make sure the product or service you want to offer is something that most customers would want can take a moment when you starting out in business.  But what happens when you a seasoned entrepreneur and you are wondering should you shift from what you already know, to something new on the market, the next shiny thing?


One way to find out is to get out and interact with people.  If you do more connecting, you will get a feel for what is going to sell and what is not.  Sometimes you can be creative in your own back yard if you look at fresh new ways to recreate your existing business model.


Making a shift does not require you to recreate the wheel.  You may have to shift just a little to see a whole lot of business opportunities that are passing you by.  More times than not, you are already on the correct path to make more money, and changing more lives through your business, but you may just need to approach it a slightly different way.


By simply adding something new to something you were already doing, will make the old seem new again.  I had a client I was working with a long time ago that worked with dogs and was getting a little tired of working with them one-on-one.  So we implemented a dog day care center, and before she know it, she was excited about training dogs again.


Just a small shift made a big difference in the way she felt about her business again.  I would recommend that you stay with what you know until you feel there is a real desire for something new you are trying to create in the marketplace.  You'll find a much higher success rate if you see their is already an existing strong desire in the marketplace.

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