Do You Want To Sell Or Seduce???

March 21, 2017




What's the difference between selling and seducing?  In selling you are simply demonstrating the tangible features sell and the benefits people buy.  But when seducing, you want a feeling of what this product or service will make you feel.  This is the biggest difference between the two.


Think about  some shampoo ads, they emphasis how much the women feel after using the shampoo.  They feel alive and beautiful, and it makes them feel as if they can do anything.  That is part of the seduction, the feeling you receive from using the service or product.  If you have the correct advertisement, you will attract, lead and continue to seduce the buyer into wanting your product or service.


When you are writing an article, an ad, or some form of advertisement, make sure to craft your message by asking yourself if you're merely selling your product's features instead of seducing your audience by talking about the benefits that interest them most.


Once you understand what interests them most, craft a message that will have your coming back for more and easily become a life time customer.  That's the goal of a great crafted message, to take a product and turn it into something your customers cannot live without.

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