8-Figure Business Success

March 27, 2017


 There is nothing more important when building an 8-figure business than creating value.  Building systems and processes in place is a part of the 8-figure business building blocks that I discuss a great deal with my clients. What is a system?  A system is a procedure or a process for obtaining an objective or completing a task.


In most cases, the processes are documented step-by-step and are methodical ways of completing an objective, such as how to follow-up with your customers after a sale. Everything in your business must have a system, so that you can repeat the process each and every time the same.


Other reasons systems are important?  Precision and consistency is one of the most important business practices to ensure that your business continues to receive consistent quality results.  Implementing systems and processes save time and money.  When your staff understands and knows exactly how to perform a task, they get better and faster at performing the task.  This will save you money and will give a great edge over your competition.


If scaling your business towards 8-figures is something that is a business goal, then building systems and processes is necessary, because it makes it much easier to hire and train new staff members when growing your business.   


One of the main reasons I enjoy having systems and processes in place is because it allows me to run my businesses without having to be involved in the day-to-day. There are 5 stages of business and stage 5 is running a business without you being there daily, achieving stage 5 is being absent from the day-to-day business activities for up to several months and having the organization run smoothly in your absence. 


So, if having consistency, scalability, and more free time either to grow another business,  more time with family or build your business to sell is important to you, than make sure to have your systems and processes in place from the very beginning.

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