How Important is Knowing Your Target Market?

July 12, 2017










If you were to write an Ad campaign, would you know who to target?  Would you try and target everyone?  Or should you focus on one group of people?  Understanding and knowing the answers to these question can make the difference between a successful Ad campaign, or one that barely delivers.


Your Customer Avatar is one of the most important steps to take in business.  As a matter of fact, before you start the process of determining your market/product, you need to determine who the message is intended to reach.  When building your Customer Avatar, make sure to cover a few key areas, and you choose to have multiple avatars representing the different segments of your market.


Some of the key areas to cover are: Avatar name, have a name in mind so it brings your customer to life right in front of your eyes.  Their goals and values, what there challenges & pain points are. Knowing and understanding what your customer avatars' challenges & pain points are will assist you in determining if your service or product will solve the challenges & pain points.


Understand also their objections & what role they pay in the purchasing process.  

Knowing what their objections are up front will prepare you to combat them in the beginning and make your customer avatar feel connect to you because you cared enough to know and understand them.  Lastly, make sure to know where they go for sources of information.  Like what types of books do they read, magazines, blogs/website, what they of conferences do they attend and who is their industry Gurus.


Make it a practice to study your customer avatar and your Ad Campaign will convert much better and business growth will begin almost instantly. Go from presenting an Ad to a complete Ad campaign, which is scalable and will take your customers on a journey and make them want to come back to you again and again.


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