Dream Client Attraction

July 14, 2017


Attracting the ideal customer is a great position to be in if your running a business. The 80/20 rule that 80 percent of your customers will only purchase 20 percent of your products or services is normally true.  So the ideal customers are those that are only 20 percent of your customer base, but purchase 80 percent of your products and services.


So how do you attract more of the latter?  The 20 percent that purchase more in one sale than most purchase all year.  That is your Dream Client, and understanding how to attract this type of customer is what a lot of businesses spend time and money researching to uncover this secret.  


Let's start with having a compelling product or service, your business is using social media, search engine optimization, networking, etc. and you seem to be stuck with the same type of customers that want everything to be either on sale or less expensive than what your items are priced.  Your ideal customer knows what your products and services are worth, and are willing to pay that price.


Positioning, marketing, are just a few things that will allow you to offer your prices without apologizing.  But it also depends on the mindset of your customers, and if your are attracting the right ones, they will pay your pricing.  So, one way to attract your ideal customer is to be sure who they are, what they like, what their objections are, and you will be in a better position to understand their buying cycle.

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