Successful Women Entrepreneurs Building Businesses To Sell

July 18, 2017


Women are building successful businesses more and more each day. But how many of these businesses are actually building wealth, and more importantly, how many women build a business to sell.


There are key ingredients to building a successful business to sell, and I’ve coached women on Making a Million Dollar Exit with your Business.  Businesses are being brought for millions and billions of dollars each day, with most of them being headed by men, women are starting businesses as a means to an end, for more freedom, to be more creative, but few are actually building businesses to have generational wealth in the same manner that men do.


When building a business to sell, women need to focus more on growing business assets, brand building, team building and realizing that their business has the ability to  change lives for many generations to come.  And by intentionally building a business with that mindset from the beginning will allow them to be in the position and build a successful business that could be sold for millions.


When asked “WHY” most women started their businesses,  most give the same reasons as mentioned above to have an opportunity to voice their opinions, and to have more freedom with their families.  Most were not thinking of having more financial freedom and making a strong impact on the world.








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