Vital Time For Important For Success

July 19, 2017






Vital Time is the quantity of time you invest in principle-based, goal-directed activities.  Success is directly related to self-image, and your self-image affects the way you manage time.  To create Vital Time, you must understand how your internal picture of yourself affects your ability to make the best use of your life.


Your self-image affects how well you spend your time because when you believe you can manage your time well, you feel in control rather than as though you're simply reacting to external pressures.  Successful women entrepreneurs have the ability to organize the events of their lives so they make sense.  We always act consistently with the image we have of ourselves. 


So in order to be a successful businesswomen you must first make the necessary time to develop a healthy self-image and become pro-active in organizing your Vital Time.  Remember whether or not you admit it to yourself, many people are even busier than you are, but they accomplish more hour to hour, day to day. 


Successful businesswomen must understand there is never enough time to do everything, but there is enough time to do the right things.  One way I coach my clients is for them is to measure their time in small increments, such as fifteen minutes.  This helps you to create awareness, speed, and momentum.




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