Successful Women & Leadership

July 25, 2017


Successful women have to strike a balance between care and candor.  Some women in leadership positions have found it tough because they feel that everyone on their team should be treated like family.  This can almost always be a mistake, especially if you are in the permissional leadership role. People don't necessary deal well with their families, because they don't deal realistically with their families.  We have a committment level with them that is deeper than with others.


The leadership style of women and men is quite difference.  Women are more likely to not speak about their accomplishments as much as men do, which leads Men tend to be good at branding themselves, meaning they let others know about their successes and strengths. Women are more likely to be modest or silent about their own accomplishments. To succeed as a leader, women should learn to brand themselves by sharing their achievements and skills with others. After all, it’s hard for a person to advance as a leader if people don’t notice what she’s capable of. Branding also brings a leader more respect in her current position. Volunteering for high-profile projects and finding a respected advocate are other great branding strategies that men are often more likely to use than women.


Women have been seemed more emotion than men are in the work place, but more and more leaders are embracing being human and showing more emotions.  As you can see more CEOs of larger corporations are showing a softer, gentler side. One great thing about leadership roles for women are changing because successful women entrepreneurs are leading businesses and not waiting on a position to open it, but they are opening up positions.  They are OWNING IT.


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