Successful Businesswomen and the Art of Negotiations...

July 26, 2017


Often, I have heard that men were naturally better at negotiations than women. That men tend to see more situations as negotiable, they look for opportunities to negotiate more often.  Women sometime often don't see opportunities that are right in front of them.  Why is that?


Women sometimes regard asking for anything for themselves as greed or selfish, men don't feel this way.  Is there only one way to negotiate?  Or do women tend to feel that being demanding is the only way to negotiate a deal, and they naturally want to approach the situation with a more gentler mindset. In the beginning, lots of women felt that having an attitude that reflected, “I have to win, I have to be right, I have to show that I’m right.” Then you begin to see that you can negotiate a deal, but do so where it reflects your authentic self. "At the end of day it’s about being open and collaborating.” And it does work.  


The way people have begun to negotiate, in closing business deals, or to increase their salaries have changed for men and women, more and more people are finding that going for the jugular is not necessary the way to go, but finding a consensus may be a better feel and fit for most women.  Listening and building relationships has worked will for successful businesswomen, and more men are beginning to agree. It is much more productive and its a win-win situation for all involved.  


What are the benefits of focusing on listening in a negotiation? I feel that listening is really important because sometimes you think you know what the other party wants, but when you listen, you really hear what they want. That’s where you get to a position, a resolution, that works for both sides. We have also been told that women listen better than men so women may have an innate advantage when it comes to listening skills. “It’s something that I do better than my male counterparts.” 


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