4 Ways to Promote Leadership Positions for Women

August 1, 2017


1.  Career Partnering-One of the concerns with women in leadership positions are the unknown opportunities. Several large companies are mapping careers out for its female employees after six months to one year with the company, and the career direction is adjusted yearly. This includes development plans, stretch assignments, promotions, and networking opportunities are equal for men and women who have been rated with similar capabilities. By providing this opportunity and structure it significantly removes the chances of women not being aware of opportunities for their development at higher levels, and it creates visibility to top leadership. When asked women leaders what was one of their main concerns, it was not being invite to the table.


2.  Reverse Mentoring-This is a fairly new in some industries were the company pairs top leaders together normally a male and female  with female mentors who have been identified as future leaders. The mentor/mentee meet regularly, each learning from the other.  This is a great way to increase male and females to work together and have women feel as if they are a part of the WHOLE team.  This works will for breaking down the topical male/female work barriers, that can cause women to miss out on obtaining leadership roles.


3.  Care for Self-Ensuring that women have the opportunity to work out regularly which is very difficult when you have leadership roles, and a family, more work places have included more work-out time, and full fitness centers within the work place.  They also are offering spas and beauty salons onsite . Employees have the opportunity to take care of themselves by working out during the day and getting massages or facials without having to leave their work site. This enables women to find balance and stay healthy, because most women have to choose between working late or staying healthy.  This helps promote both.


4.  Work Schedules-In the DC area, most people have a flexible work schedule and this concept helps with reducing stress in many women's lives.  Having the ability to have a flexible schedule assist with planning, child care and quality time with love ones within the home.  Having the balance of spending quality time helps women who feel they have had to choose either very demanding leadership roles or the home life.




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