Getting What You Want!!!

September 20, 2017

There are about 15 Powerful Psychological Triggers that are primary used to persuade or negotiate your customers in purchasing something from you.  A trigger is getting people to take action, and by mastering the skills of negotiations and persuasion skills you will generate more sales, reduce cost, better motivate your team, etc.  and ultimately build a great company.


I will discuss 5 of 15 Powerful Psychological Trigger:


1.  Trigger #1-Social Validation-People are much more likely to do something when they see someone else doing it.  Example: Bar with line out the door; or putting a tip in your own basket.  There was a bar that would not take any more patrons after a certain time frame to give the appearance of being crowded.


2.  Trigger #2-Scarcity-Customers will act right away if they think they might miss out on something they value.  Example: Limited time offers, or limited quantity left, etc.  The key is to really  have something on sell  for a short time or offer the limited amount or it loses its appeal.  


3.  Trigger #3-Reciprocity-Customer will feel obliged to do something for you once you have done something for them.  Example: Give customer really great content, or a free sample of your latest book, or a free trial membership, they'll want to buy to "repay" you.


4.  Commitment/Consistency-Once someone commits to a cause, they tend to follow through Example-If you ask a customer if they are truly a patriot. If they say "yes" and then you explain how true patriots need your product, they will likely buy it in order to stay consistent with their belief that they are a patriot.


5.  Trigger #5-Liking/Friendship/Attractiveness-By making customers like or be attracted to you, they'll be more likely to buy from you.  Example-Attractive staff at trade show, or when you build a relationship over time with a person at a networking event, and then they decide because they like you to now purchase your products.


Remember you are constantly persuading customers to buy your products/services, employees to perform at their peak, other companies to work with you and investors to fund you.






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