Women & Business Growth

September 22, 2017





I have been in business for over 18 years, but when I still speak with men, they still act like my business is just a hobby.  I probably will never understand why most men feel that a women has a hobby, but men have a business.  So, understanding exactly what it takes to grow a uber successful business is something that I have studied and applied to my life and businesses for year.  I will list 3 things that have allowed me to scale my business to new heights I did not think were possible.


1. Goal Setting-I can not express that the number one item that has made me the most successful is goal setting.  Goal setting was the number one item also that made the most difference of the most successful entrepreneurs that I spoke with. Goal setting is a class all by itself, but the most important part of goal setting is making sure you look at your goals daily, make them with deadlines, and don't stop setting them through out your life.  Number one most important rule is to also have them written.


2.  Emotional State-There are always going to be things that just happen in life and business.  We lose a contract, a death of a love one, we get divorced, but these things can be managed if we learn to manage our emotional state.  This is one of the most important things that I have learned as I have gotten older.  There is always going to be someone that had it harder and someone that had it easier.  But, no matter what you are going to have to go through to thrive in business as a women entrepreneur, having the correct emotional state will take you places that nothing else can or ever will.


3.  People-Having the ability to attract great people in our lives will make a difference also. Law of Attraction is so real.  We attract what we are to us and as you grow and learn, you will begin to recognize people and things that will be attracted to us and we will also see more opportunities that we would normally miss if we had not change the we see others and the way we see ourselves.


So as you grow through life and business, grow comes from within ourselves and then we apply it on the outside and change lives through our business growth.



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