Is YOUR Marketing Bringing Your Results?

September 25, 2017













Whether you have a service or product business getting leads is one of the most important aspects of your business.  Having a steady flow of leads and having a system that allows your business to have a funnel is one of the best predictors of whether your business will remain in business tomorrow, next week, next month or the next year.  How do you get more leads in your business? Or is your question how do I get the right leads?


Putting your marketing campaigns on autopilot will keep your sales funnel flowing with new customers and purchasing new products or services.  I have designed a marketing checklist that should be used with every piece of marketing that goes, and then also use it to audit your existing marketing.  


1.  Do you have testimonials included with your marketing? Including social proof goes a long way 


2.  Do you have your guarantee included with your marketing material?


3.  Do you have your USP (Unique Selling Position) included with your marketing material?


4.  Do you have your Mission Statement included with your marketing material?


5.  Do you tell your story with your marketing material?


6.  Do you have clever ways to get your copy read?


7.  Do you include a sub-title that supports your main title within your marketing materials?


In summary, generating leads in something that you should ensure you have as close to perfect as possible.  Create a marketing checklist to help you create the most effective and profitable marketing you can...I have used some of the same questions that are listed on this sheet and its assisted me create marketing that has turned into millions of dollars of business.



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