October 9, 2017



The new way of branding is digital marketing.  Back in the day, getting on a popular TV show was the best thing that could happen to your brand.  Now a days its Pinterest, Facebook, & other platforms of social media.  But how does your brand stand out with all the digital marketing noise?


One way to build your brand is not to become a one hit wonder, but is the result of an ongoing, steady stream of small efforts over time.  The great thing about marketing on social media, is the level playing field.  Not only large companies can be showcased in a way that was not available before unless you had thousands of dollars to spend on advertising.  But today, big and small businesses that are consistent in their branding are getting their names out there with PR, buzz and attention like never before.  


When I speak of mapping out your brand, it means knowing what is the BEST platform for your BRAND.  You want to go from trying to be a sprinter to more of a marathon runner.  Having small fires is the best way to build your brand.  One way to discover your brand is doing your research so that you know and understand your market.  An Avatar Worksheet is a great way to pin down who your ideal customer is.  The exercises used determine what is the ideal platform for your brand.  Once you have determined what is the best platform, the goal is the become a trusted source of information a Thought Leader in your industry.  


Thought leaders generate consistent great quality content either through webinars, blogs, white pages, and this allows them to be viewed as knowledgeable on their subject matter.  You should know your brand, and be in the position when asked what you do, and should be able to convey that message very clearly.  Its what some call the elevator pitch, and it very important to understanding your brand.  


Your brand is what others think about your business.  It's not what you think about your business, but what other think about your business.  A great brand should answer key questions about why your in business (your story), have other talking points that further explain what your brand is about, and how your brand is going to solve the problem your Avatar has.  


Remember, take your time on mapping our your brand, so that you and your team have a clear understanding of what you want your brand to say to your ideal customers.



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