3 Ways To Brand Your Business

October 11, 2017

What is branding? Branding is what your customers think about your business. If your brand is not define, someone will define it for you. Think of branding as a marathon and not a sprint, it's small consistent strategies done over time. Several things should be taken into account when it comes to branding. Your look and logo are just a few points that should be clearly established to articulate a brand and message.


1.  Brand Clarity-The first way to is to get brand clarity. Whether you call it the Elevator Pitch, or Cocktail Party Pitch, you should be able to explain within 2 minutes or less who you are and what you do. If there is more time or if the person seems interested in more than 2 minutes, you should have other points ready to discuss farther.


2.    Brand Tone- The fundamental character, what you want to be known for-family friendly, sexy, playful, understanding and articulating your brands' personality through all social media, websites, etc further extends the clarity. All platforms should have a consistent brand and this is the step that ties your overall brands' identity together. The visual should include, fonts, overall color, website design, business name, images, etc. If you have a different look on your Facebook Page, or Instagram than you do on your website, it will lead to brand confusion.


3.  Your Story-This is the WHY behind your brand. Your story should be authentic, and will normally have one of three stories. Rags to Riches, takes a risk and the risk ends up paying off. The Good overcoming Bad, this is when adversity makes you more successful. Had, Lost but Have Again, once had a good thing going, something went wrong, and with planning and learning, work your way back up to the top.



A well defined brand will take your marketing to another level. Make it fun and creative, this is one of the reasons we like being the BOSS. What to learn more about branding.






















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