Building A Great Team

November 4, 2017

When putting together a group of individuals to work together on a project, it can seem easy to simply delegate all that you have to do to other people. What this doesn't do, however, is set up anyone else on staff to lead after the leader's departure.

The lack of initiative that comes with passivity may actually be crippling to an organization, especially one striving to grow in multiple, independent departments. Here, then, are 5 great ways to build a team of leaders from within, while encouraging your best employees to move up the ranks themselves.


1. Promote cross-departmental teamwork

Do away with departmental boundaries by creating teams able to work in multiple fields to make the most of your employees' skill sets. When you create these groups, place certain people into leadership-like positions in order to promote their project management capabilities in smaller settings.

2. Give others authority

Letting employees make decisions, rather than simply dismissing them when offered, is actually a great way for people to begin tapping into their problem solving and analytical skills early on, practices that may serve particularly useful when transitioning into leadership roles.

3. Tell your staff about your process

One of the most intriguing parts of leadership is the mystery around it. Few people who aren't leaders actually know how important decisions get made, where the company is planning on going, and how products get decided from start to finish. Being free and transparent with your information shows employees the steps they'll have to take when they try to step in as leaders rather than leaving them blind.

4. Express your passion

When people training to become leaders see how much you care about a team, project, or organization, they're much more inclined to be passionate about the same things--especially if that means maintaining structure and efficient maintenance when they take on leadership.


5.  Freelance the best

 In addition to your internal team, you'll want to find a great team of freelancers and contractors. We have an amazing internal creative agency, The Agency Creates, with a staff of graphic designers, and branding experts for our collateral needs. That said, most startups and small businesses don't have the luxury of having an internal creative agency to help develop marketing and advertising materials. There are many freelance graphic designers that you can find that do incredible work. Research online to view portfolios and interview with several freelancers to ensure that they can work within your deadlines. Start with one small job and if all goes well, continue to work with the same person. You can find freelancers in almost any area to service your needs. Once you find the right freelancers to do the job, continue to work closely with them because they are important team members.



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