4 Ways to Focus on Execution

January 29, 2018



1. Focus- Achieving your wildly important goals falls into one large area and that is the area of execution.  The first thing to focus your efforts on are the one or two goals that will make all the difference, instead of giving mediocre effort to dozens of smaller ones. Focus is a big challenge because we all have competing priorities. But contrary to popular belief, human beings are hard wired to focus one thing at a time with excellence.  Science tells us the human brain can give full focus to only a single object at any give moment.  Our conventional thinking is that all of our goals are a priority.  But you must begin to think... many of our goals are important, but only one or two are wildly important.  Our finest efforts can only be given to one or two goals at a time.


2.  Measure-Anything you want to know you must first measure.  There is lag measure which measures if you have achieved the goal, a lead measure tells you if you are likely to achieve the goal the .  While a lag measure is hard to do anything about, a lead measure is virtually within your control.  Understanding the difference between lag and lead measurements is very important.  Lead measure is predictive, meaning that if the lead measure changes, you can predict that the lag measure also will change. Also, a lead measure is influenceable; it can be directly influenced by the team.


3.  Know the score-Once your team knows and understands the score, they work differently.  Most people think the scoreboards are for leaders only.  But actually the scoreboard is for the whole team, you need the player's not just the coach  to determine we're here is where we need to be and here is where we are. Keep the scoreboard simple and when the team looks at a glance, the should be able to tell immediately if they are winning or losing.


4.  Accountability-The last piece is having accountability. You want to account on the last commitment, and measure where your company was.  Review the scoreboard to learn from the successes and failures, this is where you learn what works and what does not work.  Then the last piece is making new paths and make new commitments based on your assessments.

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