What is a Brand Story???

February 13, 2018

First, let's talk about that word story or you can call it your signature story. Stories are a hot topic in marketing because they have been shown to be superior to facts in getting attention, being remembered, changing opinions, stimulating social activity, developing emotion and, curiously, communicating facts. Many firms have added journalists, editors and filmmakers to their staffs to create or find meaningful stories and present them in a compelling way.



But storytelling as it applies to business isn't about spinning a yarn or fairy tale. Rather, it's about how your products or services exist in the world. It's who you are and what you do for others--how you add value to people's lives, ease their troubles, meet their needs.


A compelling brand story gives your audience a way to connect with you, one person to another, and to view your business as what it is: a living, breathing entity run by real people offering real value.

In that way, your content is not "storytelling" at all--it's simply telling what's true, and telling it well. So how do you pull stories out of your organization and tell them in a way that relates to your customer? Let's start with a few characteristics of a compelling story:


Authenticity- Make truth the cornerstone of everything you create. Your marketing content should feature real people, real situations, genuine emotions and facts. As much as possible, it should show, not tell. It should explain--in terms people can relate to--how your company adds value to the lives of your customers.


Serendipity-Everyone loves a story that was meant to be... A well-told story illustrates how your business brand in part came into being through fate, fortune, coincidence or grace.

Specifics-It should show, not tell the opportunity to highlight specific aspects of your brand through example, rather than declaration.


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