Entrepreneur's Guide To Being More Productive

February 14, 2018


The way to find more time is to work within your Genius (your greatest strength areas).  When you work within these areas, these are natural areas so it gives you more energy and your much more productive.  The first thing that needs to be done is to automate as much of your work that is outside of your areas of strength.  By automating administration, and other areas that are out of your area of strength, and areas that product the most income for your business several things will happen.  You and your team will work within the 80/20 rule, where 20% the effects results in 80% of the causes.


Look to determine what is bring in the most money, but you don't love doing these activities, and delegate the activities.  After automating, and then delegating the remaining activities, the next step is to delete all activities that do not add anything to the bottom line of the business.  So while working on automating, delegating, and deleting (ADD) you find your sweet spot or Genius.  This allows you to open up time for the fun, motivating and exciting. 


Your Genius is normally discovered by your never-ending sense of improvement in that area of work, it energizes you and your team, you could do this area of work for free, and you have the ability to perform this area of work at a superior level that you and others notice.  Your area of Genius comes natural and although you receive the most compliments in this area you immediately play down your Genius.    


Be intentional about everything you do, because this allows you to have sense of purpose.  It means knowing the importance of what you're doing and being very clear about what your ideal outcome looks like.  It's actually selling yourself on and emotionally committing to any project or situation in life.


Productivity is increased when you develop an intentionally mindset and its easy if you commit to making some relatively small changes to the way you're currently thinking and operating.  Also, never go into any situation without being totally sold on your intentionality.

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