Take Time To Rest...

March 23, 2018















1. Plan out your schedule for a full 12 months.

I always recommend to my clients how important balance is within your life.  Women entrepreneurs more often than men how a challenge balancing business life and their personal life. When you’re an entrepreneur, you can make whatever schedule you’d like. You’re in charge. Figure out how many hours you want to work every week or month, and then plan around it. For me, the goal is to take a full month off every year, in addition to several other weeks, one at a time. Depending on your own needs and desires, you may want to aim for two weeks per year or perhaps one week every single month. Anything is possible if you plan ahead.

Designate days in your calendar that are set aside for clients, for business development and marketing, and then for vacation. Commit to following this plan and following through especially on your relaxation time.


2. Educate your clients and your team.

Be sure that your clients are well educated on what your availability is and stick to this schedule. For the most part, people like rules and respect firm boundaries. Once clients know how and when to access you, they will adhere to that. I let all of my clients know up front that I am not available to them during the months of August and December. It’s in all of my new-client material and because they know this up-front it is never an issue.It’s also very important to educate your team. The ins and outs of my schedule and how to manage my calendar have actually become part of our company culture. The team knows my availability and it’s become a non-negotiable aspect of how we do business. Getting buy-in from your team is absolutely crucial for success.


3. Put systems in place.

Systematizing your business is one of the smartest things you can do to free yourself up. When your team knows exactly what to do, when to do it and precisely how you would want it to be done, your business can run like a well-oiled machine. And more importantly, having reliable, documented systems in place allows your business to run this way without you being there all the time. This is what I've done in my own business at 8-Figure Business Coach, Inc.  and I know from experience that it works.

Set yourself up for success. Then, give yourself this precious gift of time and watch your business.  Ready to receive the most out of your business? Sign-up for a weekly dose of free business resources to scale your business.










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