7 Ways Customer Satisfaction is Worthless...

April 4, 2018





Introducing the most important person in the world...Your Customers. But most businesses strive to have a high customer satisfaction rating instead of customer loyalty.  Satisfied customers will shop anyplace. LOYAL customers will fight before they switch--And they will proactively refer people to buy from you. That's the premise, but here's the challenge.  How do you make customers loyal?  One main way is to concentrate on loyalty instead of on customer satisfaction.  


What does a satisfied customer feel...One that feels is OK to deal with you.  Their needs were met, the product was OK, the service was OK and their experience was OK...  They were satisfied with their purchase, and they may or may not talk about their experience.  They may or may not refer someone to you.  Their overall feeling about your business was between neutral and positive, and their experiences with you have not been negative. Not bad... but not great.


What does a loyal customer feel...One who feels GREAT about dealing with you.  Their needs were met and exceeded.  Your delivery was GREAT. The service was GREAT. The experience was GREAT. They are ecstatic with their purchase. They will proactively talk about the experience.  They will proactively refer someone to you and their overall feeling about your business is wonderful and memorable.  WOW!!!


Customers want you to know them, understand them, lead them, help them and serve them.  Must businesses feel that their customers are overbearing, demanding, cheap, and disloyal.  The challenge for the 21 century is not just serving customers: It's understanding customers, being prepared to serve customers, it's helping an angry customer immediately, it's asking customers for information, and feeling that customers should be VALUED.  Remember you can be FIRED by your customers, and it does not mean that they no longer need the service or product, it just means they no longer need it from YOUR business...


Its amazing how companies will spend millions to attract new customer and spend next to nothing to keep the ones they've got.


Here are 7 things that customers have stated that is very FRUSTRATING at best:


1.  Showing no genuine or personal interest-Impersonal service, insincere people, commission only hungry salespeople.

2.  Poor response-Take too long to get back to a customer or service a customer, and they will find someone else.  People will even sacrifice quality for speed.

3.  Over-promising-Customers are like elephants-they never forget. If you over-promise and under-deliver, they will go some where else.

4.  Too eager to do more business-If your too pushy, or if you apply too much pressure, remember don't be a pest.

5.  Poor product quality-No matter how much people pay, they expect a quality product or service.  If you're selling price and sacrificing quality, eventually you will lose the business to someone with opposite thinking.

6.  Poor training-Don't fire the problem employee, get rid of the person that trained them.

7.  Poor service delivery-Everyone expects fast service, that's right the first time.

So what are you doing to build customer loyalty?  

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