5 Ways To Stay Positive When Nothing In Business Is Going Right!!!

April 9, 2018











One of the most challenging things in business is staying positive when things are not going the way you expected.  We have all read where a person started a business and then became an overnight a success story because Oprah wanted to feature them on her show.  Instantly, the person is smiling with all the well wishers and all the profits.  Well, that is not normally the way business goes.  As a matter of fact that is not the way most businesses go.  Most business do not have a straight arrow to success, but one that looks like a maze of different directions before it starts to look straight. Here are 5 ways that may help you stay positive:


  1. Persistence. Yesterday I was looking at a CEO that stated it took him 438 no's before he received one yeas. One of the most common mistakes people make is taking “no” to mean “never.”As an entrepreneur, if you want to achieve your goals, you need to practice persistence until those “no’s” become a “yes.” This doesn’t mean being a nuisance and wearing people down until they give you what you want, but believing in your vision. It means a willingness to put forth the effort and energy necessary to implement your ideal.


 2.  Visualization-Before we can believe in a goal, we first must have an idea of what it looks like. To paraphrase the old adage: we must see it before we can believe it.This is where visualization comes in, which is simply a technique for creating a mental image of a future event. When we visualize our desired outcome, we begin to “see” the possibility of achieving it. Through visualization, we catch a glimpse of what is, in the words of one writer, our “preferred future.” When this happens, we are motivated and prepared to pursue our goal.Visualization should not be confused with the “think it and you will be it” advice peddled by popular self-help gurus. It is not a gimmick, nor does it involve dreaming or hoping for a better future. Rather, visualization is a well-developed method of performance improvement supported by substantial scientific evidence and used by successful people across a range of fields.


3.  Don't be afraid to fail.For the most part, entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to fail. Otherwise, they’d still be working for someone else and chasing a regular and consistent paycheck. But when the success or failure of the business seems to hang in the balance with every decision you make, it can lead you to play more conservatively.Your willingness to fail along with your ability to embrace failure will allow you to keep going as an entrepreneur and eventually be successful. 


4.   Talk it out.If the people closest to you are the least supportive, sometimes it’s because they don’t understand the reality of what you’re trying to do. So sell them on it. If you can’t sell the people closest to you on the idea that your business is viable, you’re probably going to struggle to sell anybody. And these are the people you most need to understand what you’re trying to do and what you need to be successful. So let them know.


5.   Get help.Even if you’re a solo-entrepreneur you can’t do it all alone. And you certainly don’t know everything. If you’re serious about your success then find a mentor or hire a coach to guide you down the right path. Not only will they give you a fresh perspective, if they’ve been there done that they can seriously shortcut your path to success. Ready to get the most out of your business?  Sign-up for a weekly dose of free business resources to scale your business to the next level.

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