3 Reasons Why Written Goals Are The Most Effective

April 11, 2018





Putting things in writing is by far the most important step in goal setting.  Wishes and fantasies are transformed into goals through the act of writing them down.  By putting your goals on paper, you make them concrete, tangible and physically real.  There are several styles and methods for goal setting, but written goals are more effective because:


1.  Many studies have shown that people who write down their goals are ten times more likely to achieve them than those who have only mental goals.  Similar research shows that people with written goals earn ten to one hundred times more than equally gifted individuals who neglect to put their goals in writing.


2.  Writing down goals helps you to crystallize your thinking and gives you a physical device for focusing your attention.  It stimulates your brain's reticular activating system, which is the mechanism within your brain that controls your awareness.  When you are more conscious of your goals, you will notice people, resources, information and opportunities that will help you achieve them,


3.  Written goals create a scorecard that you can later evaluate and learn from.  They help you measure your success and progress in life.  Having written goals also increases your self-confidence.  Being able to track and see what you have accomplished something you decided in advance will give you powerful sense of self-worth and allow you to want to challenge yourself even more in the future.  It makes you feel as if you have a blueprint for success.


Have written goals stands up better it makes you feel as if you have a contract with yourself, assigns higher value to what you are trying to accomplish.  Most will feel that written is better than oral and you can see what your goals were at on point in your life and how much progress you have made by what your goals represent now.  Its a road map that shows where you have been, where you are, and where your going.  Ready to get the most out of your business?  Sign-up for a weekly dose of free business resources.

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