3 Ways Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs Think...

January 16, 2019











Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs think differently than the average entrepreneurs.  They make the decision that there is no going back, and that they are going to stay the course no matter what it takes.  There are many ways that Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs think when it comes to business, but after studying Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs I have found that all have at least these 3 things in common:


1.  They think long-term-Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs think long term were as most entrepreneurs think and make business decisions from of stand point of where they are now and not where they want to be in the next 5-10 years. They also consider the potential of the future. That means setting goals that might span years or decades, not just weeks or months. Million-Dollars Entrepreneurs understand the longer you can stretch your thinking into the future, the more successful your business becomes.


2.  Whether small or big, change can be intimidating-While the average entrepreneur tends to fear change, Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs view any type of change as opportunity, the problem with the average thinking entrepreneur is they assume change will be negative most of the time, whereas Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs assume that all change, positive or negative, will benefit them."Learning to welcome change, because change stretches you as a person which allows you to have more confidence. Confidence is acquired through preparation and hard work, and confidence is the result of working on yourself. It is the benefit of proving yourself to yourself. It is knowing you can handle whatever comes your way.


3.  They never stop learning-Stop by a Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs home or office and you will see an abundance of books, if not an entire library, most multi-million Entrepreneurs read up to 25+ books a year. That's because Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs know that learning doesn't stop when you finish school. Success if a process  For continuous learning a percentage of your business revenue should be going towards business education, or more than likely you will stay an average entrepreneur. The more money you spend on business knowledge, the more money you will make in business. The cheapest and easiest way to start investing in your financial education is through books. Are you aware that you can learn a concept in only a few hours from a book that took someone years to develop?  I have heard Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs state that some of the $20 books they have read were worth $20,000 because of what I learned from them.

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