3 Ways To Get Leads From E-Mail Marketing

February 6, 2019

 Designing Email For Lead Generation


Anyone that has been in business for any length of time realizes that building a relationship with your potential clients is one of the most important elements of business.  Until you're able to master these skills, you will have a difficult time obtaining sales.  Generating leads through email marketing campaigns is still one of the most effective ways to achieve this.  I recently wrote an article on how to tell if your email marketing was still working, now let's look at how to design our emails to make them work better.


When developing email marketing tracks geared at moving leads deeper into the sales funnel, there a a few design and copy writing elements that marketers should be mindful of. Below are a list of these tactics:

  1. Subject Line: This is the most important part of the email.  If your lead doesn't open your emails, your dead in the water. So remember the subject line is how leads determine if they are going to read your email. So spend a great deal of time on thinking about ways you can improve your subject line. Some ideas are: create subject lines that clearly address your leads business problems, personalize subject lines, and make subject lines actionable like: “attend our webinar” or “download our latest ebook”.

  2. Brevity:We all get massive amounts of email everyday.  So remember that your leads and prospects are getting them too. So keep your email concise and engaging.

  3. Imagery: Remember images are still looked 10x more than just text the brain comprehends images 60,000 times faster than text. So by using images that reinforce your copy you more quickly deliver your message to your intended audience.

  4. Social Integration: As marketers we want our readers to be sharing our content with their network and the best way to facilitate this is by incorporating social media sharing links into your emails. Additionally, each recipient of the email will have their own favorite social network so give them options to share on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

  5. CTA:  (Call-To-Action)To effectively move leads further into the sales funnel you need educate them on your product or service. The way to educate them is to have them consume your content: whether that content be: ebooks, webinars, case studies, slideshares or videos. So in your email you need to effectively advertise your CTA. Use action words like: attend, download, register, read, and try now. Give them a next step to take after reading your email, like registering for an upcoming webinar.

6.  Test and analyze email marketing campaign results.

There’s still a lot of power in A/B split testing. Testing emails reduces bounce rates, tells you more about your customers, increases conversions and is cost effective.

In analyzing my email marketing campaigns, I look for open rates at 30% or higher to know if they were successful. I don’t expect as much from click-through rates, where I like to see around the 5% range.

When a new approach to marketing takes marketers by storm, some marketers make the mistake of moving into new strategies full force, leaving methods that have worked well in the past smoldering in the dust. The best marketing campaigns use several marketing forms simultaneously. The key to maximizing results with every effort is to know your purpose, target the right customers and learn from your results.

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