3 Signs You're A Great Leader

February 18, 2019

1. Collaboration

Having a collaborative approach to leadership is powerful because it naturally creates transparency in your organization. If you’re connected to your team and genuinely interested in collaborating with them, they will know what you’re thinking and vice versa. Collaboration leads to trust, and your team will be more likely to support your vision. If you’re not getting buy-in on that strategic plan you’ve created, it’s not going to be effective. People want to own what they help create.

One way to improve collaboration is to create some small projects and put others in charge. Play the role of participant on the project instead of being a leader. Show your colleagues that you respect their ideas and approach. From there, you can begin implementing this with bigger projects and initiatives. Be sure to give credit where it’s due—in public—so that others can see that you appreciate their contribution.


2. Positivity

A positive attitude is contagious. If your team is led and surrounded by happy and positive people, they will work harder and be happier themselves. Positivity can take many forms in the workplace—from providing snacks in the communal kitchen to keeping an upbeat tone in your internal emails. Of course there should be a balance between play time and productive time, but do your best to create a positive, supportive environment during the workday.

Keep in mind that some leaders conduct strategy review meetings and only focus on the problems—i.e. the red and yellow items in their scorecard. You definitely want to be aware of issues (as no good leader has their head in the sand), but you must also take the time to recognize things that are going well with your strategy and celebrate successes.


3. Inspire

 You know how to inspire The best leaders are inspirational. They know how to articulate a wider vision or message that resonates with a group of people and inspires things like high performance, loyalty, or any kind of positive outcome. 

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