3 Reasons Starting a Podcast is Great and Can Generate Revenue...

March 24, 2019

 1. It's easy & it can produce revenue.

Starting a podcast sounds like a complicated venture, but in reality it requires a minimal up-front investment and is surprisingly easy to implement. If your podcast gets 3,000 downloads per episode, you'll get $54 for a 15–second pre–roll and $75 for a mid–roll slot. New podcasters in particular focus on downloads and landing sponsors, but there are different ways to profit from a podcast -- even if you have a “small audience. Also remember to take a look at the products and services your business is selling already. Is your product relevant to the people who tune in to your show episode after episode, week after week? If the answer is yes, think of ways you can strategically leverage your podcast to increase sales.

2. It allows you to produce long-form content.

In a world of information overload, we are bombarded with short-form content. Tweets, blog posts, news articles,  and videos are meant to provide audience's with quick bursts of information and play a vital role in creating continued touch points between businesses and their audiences. But where blog posts and social media are limited to a few hundred words, or 140 characters, a podcast allows you to go deeper into your content.



3. You build personal connection with your audience.

Successful podcasts are rarely scripted and only lightly edited. As such, the host's personality has a chance to shine through in a seemingly unfiltered way. Much like video, podcasts are one of the quickest ways to build personal connections and trust between a host and an audience. At a time when we have

endless options for all of our purchasing decisions, trust is essential to building brand loyalty, and giving people a voice and a personality to connect to your brand helps to foster that trust. "Regardless of whether you’re hosting an interview–based podcast or not, relationships are a very powerful element in podcast, just like in business," he says."After interviewing several top podcasters I can say that networking is the number-one reason why many entrepreneurs, marketers, authors and coaches decide to start a podcast." Check out our Podcast voted Top 20 Business Podcasts by Feedspot. 

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