Build Your Tribe First Before Your Product/Service

May 13, 2019





If you're interested in starting or growing an on-line business the first thought is normally what product/service can I start. Many people start with the product first, but that is the WRONG approach. It is all about who you can help and how you can best help them...If this is your approach, you will be surprised how soon you will see the difference in your on-line business. This approach of focusing on helping your audience improve their lives (instead of how can I get money) made all the difference in the world for me!


Unsuccessful Internet marketers first try to figure out what product to promote based on what they think will make them money... And that's why they fail! So take a different approach because


 Product first = #FailAudience


First = #PathToSuccess


Successful marketers understand the need to identify an audience with specific goals, dreams, hopes, problems, and challenges.They then assist them in solving their problems and achieving their goals.That is the true path to success online.Your introspection and self-awareness from the first step come into play here.


Ask yourself the following questions and come up with your best answers based on what you’ve learned about yourself so far:What comes easily to you that other people seem to struggle with?


A few questions that may help you figure out which direction to head towards: What problems have you solved that others would love to solve too? What have you been helping people or businesses with for years professionally? What problem do you have in your life that you are committed to solving and that will take three to five years to resolve? What are your hobbies or passions?  Can you envision researching problems and questions related to them and presenting the best answers to others who share your interests?


Your success and your income lies in your ability to become a problem-solver at scale.The right niche for you is found in identifying the target audience to whom you can be of the greatest service to…Stay tuned to learn about the right NICHE for the best on-line businesses.

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