Accomplished more in 3 months with Victoria than would have taken a year to do…

“Working with Victoria has resulted in a level of confidence and clarity for this next endeavour that I unequivocally did not have before our VIP Strategy Day. I have founded and scaled a number of multimillion dollar businesses, and I expect nothing less from my next venture, which is why I booked a day with Victoria. It was full throttle strategy and implementation planning every moment. It has been 3 months since our VIP Day and it is safe to say that I have accomplished more in these 3 months than otherwise I would have taken yeasr to do."

Millie, Miller Stores award-winning entrepreneur, provocateur-02/15/2018

Broke a MILLION after first 9 months of working with Victoria


'I hired Victoria because I wanted an advisor who had the track record and experience to help me navigate a period of intense growth in my business. From our first conversation, I knew that not only did she ‘get’ me and my business, but she also deeply understood the leader I am becoming. Within three months of engaging Victoria, she helped me reposition my brand, offerings and marketing strategies. As a result, our corporate sales pipeline doubled, we saw a 166% increase in program enrollments, and a 113% increase in market reach. Within six months, I broke $1M in revenues for the year. As a thought partner, Victoria flags my blind spots and helps me sort through my ideas to identify which have the most strategic value to me and my business. As a coach, she is helping me reimagine what’s truly possible and build unparalleled trust in myself as a leader.”

—Westminster Services, Orlando Florida-03/02/2018

"In March 2017, we hired 8-Figure Business Coach, Inc. for a plan to hit 7 figures. What we received over the following year was not only that, but genius from the leading expert in running a profitable business that doesn’t leave me feeling worn down, angry and overworked.

During that year, my business more than DOUBLED from less than half-a-million in revenue to *7 figures*.  I increased my list of prospects by 300%. And we'll now confident we know what we need to do to hit $6 million

Finally, the biggest opportunity of my business to date sought us out as a result of my work with 8-Figure Business Coach, Inc.. I’m now working on an even larger project than we ever expected.

We had some “tough love” conversations, and Victoria pushed me when necessary and encouraged me to not only be the boss in business but to also take amazing care of ourselves so that we show up fully for customers which was a challenge for me in the beginning.

She has a gift for providing information in bite size pieces.  My organization thanks here often, when you’re ready to think like a real businessperson and experience massive growth, she is without a doubt your go-to coach.”

-Lisa Petuallio Fed Ex Services-03/27/2018

Broke into 7-figures during her year of coaching with Victoria...

"During my year with Victoria, I broke through the 7-figure mark… nearly tripling our revenues. I also made some key hires (and fires) and worked on systems that are priming us for more fast growth. What I love about Victoria as a coach is she digs deep into your “why” and “how”, and then helps you navigate through the waters and become a stronger leader who makes better decisions every time. I highly recommend working with Victoria if you want personal attention and advisory to take your business to the next level.”

Jackie, Founder & CEO

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